Beware of Second Rate Advice from Second Rate Marketers: Or How to Use Your Competition’s Claims Against Them (Part One)

by Lou

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a simple way of knocking your competitors out of the water with their own words? But without saying something as trite as this: “We’re the best!”

The following language patterns will develop in your prospects unconscious negative feelings about your competitors. They come in the form of a warning. Personally, I think you should develop your products or services with a USP (or here) in mind. That way, you’d have a jump on your competitors anyway. But with the marketplace being what it is, sooner or later, someone without your imagination will steal your USP.

Try out these patterns if you need an edge over your competition:

  • Don’t be taken in by (COMPETITOR’S CLAIM).
  • Don’t fall for (COMPETITOR’s CLAIM).
  • Don’t be deceived by (COMPETITOR’S CLAIM).

After you use this pattern make sure you tell your customers why they shouldn’t be taken in by/fall for/ be deceived by you competitors.

For example, as a freelance copywriter I could say something like this,

“Don’t be taken in by other internet copywriters who say they will create copy for you that will draw money from your customers’ pocket like a huge vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t work that way. What you need are sound marketing principles. These principles have withstood the test of time and yet have been updated – and found effective – for internet marketing.”

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