Language Pattern for Making Your Prospects Feel Guilty…

by Lou

Check your internal experience after I ask you this next question:

Are you still using Microsoft Internet Explorer?


Are you still using Microsoft XP?

If you indeed are using these Microsoft products, how did you feel after reading those questions?

Like most people you probably felt a pang of guilt and a sense of “what am I missing out on?” And this can be an effective way to either pull your prospects/customers away from your competitors or to try your new product.

This exact language pattern was used very successfully by the Thirsty Dog and Thirsty Cat company to get pet-owning prospects to try their bottled water for pets. Here was their line:

“Are you still giving your pet tap water?”

You can do the same. Just think of the ways your prospects are doing something now: trying to reach a goal, trying to get out of pain, trying to solve a problem, or just their day-to-day purchases. Then reframe it as an old-fashioned or a less effective method by using this pattern.

  • Are you still…?

    You can make the pattern a bit stronger by emphasizing the word “still” – make it bold, put it in italics, or underline it.

    Are you still writing out features and benefits to try to sell your products? Why not put NLP Language Patterns into your ads to make them more compelling?

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