Make Your Claims More Acceptable by Quoting "Experts"

by Lou

We take the very best of what people do, synthesise it down, make it learnable and share it with each other – and that is what the real future of what NLP will be and its gonna stay that way!” – Richard Bandler

You know what you can do to make prospects believe your claims, accept your suggestions, or just gain more credibility (even if you have none)?

You can start by quoting an expert or authorities. You don’t even have to mention these experts by name. It’s such a knee-jerk reaction when we see words like “expert” we can leave out the referential index and still get postive results.

“Communication experts say that using NLP Language Patterns in your advertising definitely increases your conversion rates.”

“At the seminar in New York City, the speakers were saying that when they used NLP Language Patterns in their advertising they tripled response.”

You can also use quotes from noted experts in your field to pepper your sales copy and to reinforce your claims – even if these experts have never heard of you — even if these experts have long since passed away.

“…Language is a treacherous thing…it can seldom arrange descriptive words in such a way that they will not inflate the facts – by help of the reader’s imagination.” – Mark Twain

Another way to back up your claims is to provide quotes or snippets from magazine or newspaper articles.

“Despite the obvious role of language in communication and persuasion, the marketing literature has surprisingly little to say about how words are used to persuade audiences to accept advertising claims.” – Journal of Advertising

You can find all sorts of great articles to grab snippets at and of course finding true quotations from experts is easy on any search engine.

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