STOP! Do Not Turn Page Until You Are Told to Do So

by Lou

Any reader who has been through the American education system will immediately recall reading those jarring words at the bottom of most exams. Coming up to those words definitely changed your state.

Although that particular usage had a negative effect on readers, you can use it to change your readers’ (or listeners’) states.

This is especially useful when you have elicted a painful state or had them relive a problem they want to get rid of.

You can apply this language pattern to stop your reader’s internal processing and create a space to suggest a new action, a new belief, or a new way of thinking.

Here are some of the patterns you can use:

• Stop, and get a sense of…
• Stop and think about…
• OK, stop that and say to yourself…
• Stop for a moment and start to picture…

Once they have stopped, you can make a suggestion to get their minds going in another, more positive direction.

• Stop, and get a sense of what will be possible once you achieve this.
• Stop and think about how you’ll feel once you start converting more visitors.
• OK, stop that and say to yourself, “I can master this!”
• Stop for a moment and start to picture how your neighbors will turn their heads to see you driving around in this car.

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