Hierarchy of Criteria: In Which Your Prospects Value Their Money More Than Your Product (and what you can do about it)

by Lou

Let’s say that your prospects have an urgent problem your product can solve. They believe the claims you’re making about your product. Let’s also say that they have the money to buy your product. And that your product is sufficiently different enough (your USP) to separate it from your competitors. After all of that, they’re still NOT whipping out their wallets and buying your product. What’s the problem?

The problem is they aren’t convinced that your product is worth more than the money they have to buy it. What you have to do is change that perception. To make what you’re selling more valuable than their money.

There are many ways to go about doing this. The traditional ways are to offer lots of premiums/bonuses/freebies with specific cash values:

“If you order before midnight tonight, you also get these 3 bonuses:

• Bonus #1…. (if bought separately would cost you $49.95)
• Bonus #2…. (worth $29), etc.”

You can also increase the value by telling your customers how much it cost to develop the product: “It took 7 years of research and tens of thousands of dollars to create the Wonder Widget. And it’s yours for only $47.”

You can tell your prospects what the equivalent of your product would cost: “If you went to a seminar to learn this information it would cost you $500.00, easily. But now you can have the same information that thousands have paid $500 for only $47.”

Another thing you can do is add Social Proof: “Thousands of people across the country have paid $200 for this product. But now, thanks to…we can offer it to your for just $47!”

Of course, to get your prospects really off their wallets, you need to add a bit of scarcity. You can do this by telling them that the price will be going up soon (give a specific date), or you can tell them that the product will no longer be available after a certain number of days, or your inventory will be running out.

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