Eleven and a Half Ways to Use NLP Language Patterns in Your Advertising

by Lou

There are many ways you can use NLP Language Patterns besides putting them in the body copy. Here are just a few ways I’ve used them.

For example, you can add them in the following places:

1. In your headlines – These can be used with keyword rich headlines on your website or in regular snail mail sales letters
2. In your subheads – Create that “dual readership path” and make it more persuasive with language patterns
3. In unatributted testimonials – As mentioned in a previous post, you can create your own legal testimonials and make them stronger with language patterns
4. In the signature files of your outgoing emails – Great place for some embedded commands and a future pace
5. On your order pages or on your order device offline – Don’t let prospects get away at the last moment, you have to make this page as powerful and as easy as you can
6. In your sign-up form – If you have follow-up emails, you can use the language patterns right above the sign-up form, instead of just saying “Sign up for our free newsletter!”
7. Inside the Follow Up Emails – Just like the ones you put on your website
8. Put them in your blog posts – You can add them to change states, change beliefs, make learning easier, etc.
9. Answering machine messages – Add NLP Language Patterns to your incoming answering machine message, instead of the “Hello. I can’t come to the phone right now.”
10. Voice mail messages – Use some patterns on the voice mail messages you leave (embedded commands are good for this) with other people.
11. Your business card - No sense just adding contact info and title on your card. Make them into tiny, persuasive billboards
12. You can (USE YOUR IMAGINATION). Wherever you need a little bit extra persuasion

Once you start realizing the power of these language patterns, you’ll find ways to enhance your communication and persuasion skills.

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