You Will be Able to Future Pace the Possible After Reading This…

by Lou

Here’s a great way you can create a compelling future for your clients, and it can be done with just one sentence. It’s best to use this NLP Language Pattern as a headline or subhead. This very easy and very effective pattern goes like this:

Modal Operator of Possibility + Desirable Benefit (your prospects’ goals) + Future phrase
ATTENTION: (Target Market). + Modal Operator of Possibility + Desirable Benefit + Future

Here are some examples:

• Be able to Control Your Boss’s mind by next week

• You Can Speak French by October 15

• ATTENTION: Acne Sufferers. You can have clear, touchable skin by August 1st.

• You will be able to speak in front of a large audience fearlessly by April 10…

If you’re selling some sort of money making opportunity, be careful of telling your prospects they can earn a specific dollar amount before a certain date; it’s illegal to do that these days (at least here in the USA). However, there are other legal ways to imply your prospects can earn specific amounts of money. ===========================
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