Can You Use Conversational Postulates in Your Marketing?

by Lou

As you probably know, questions are a fantastic tool to get your prospects involved in your copy, don’t you think?

To crank up the power of your copywriting questions, you can add what are called “Conversational Postulates.” These are questions, that if taken literally, would require a yes/no answer, but in actuality, presuppose and produce a behavior. So if you are sitting at home and there is a knock on the door (or the phone is ringing) and your spousal unit asks you, “Honey, can you get that?” He or she doesn’t expect you to just say, “Yes.” They expect you to get the door (or answer the phone). You have just been exposed to a conversational postulate.

Another example is a stranger approaches you on the street and asks, “Do you have the time?” Normally, you’d look at your watch and tell them the time. They are asking you a question to get a behavioral response out of you. Do you understand?

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “how can I use conversational postulates to make my advertising more persuasive?” Good question.

It’s a simple procedure. Just think of a response or an action you would like your prospects to take, and ask a yes/no question that presupposes the desired behavior. Another way to do it is put an embedded command in a question frame.

Some examples:

“Can you see how our product will help you run your business?”
“Will you order now while this letter is still in your hand?”
“Can you think of all the ways this product will impact your life?”
“Do you see how powerful this is?”
“Are you going to click on the Order button to download this product and use it within five minutes from now?”

There you have it – a simple way to bypass resistance and increase the persuasiveness of your ads. Are you going to add conversational postulates to your ads now?

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