Painting Perfect Pictures for Your Prospects

by Lou

Top copywriters and salespeople, the ones who make millions of dollars in sales, are the ones who get prospects and customers to picture what their lives would be like after they’ve bought the product. When I was a kid, I bought tons of stuff from the novelty and magic catalogues (and ads in comic books). They were masters of getting kids to picture what a blast they would be after they bought their products. “Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you show them the label!” (Chocolate Covered Ants)

You’ll be delighted with the results when you use these patterns in your advertisements. No batteries. Fun. Make millions.

You can see yourself…
“You can see yourself driving home in this sexy Jaguar.”

You can see your…
“You can see your co-workers’ jealous looks when you show up to the office with this.”

You can imagine…
“You can imagine all the pleasure this trip will bring you.”

Can you imagine…?
“Can you imagine the look on your girlfriend’s face when you slip this beautiful ring on her finger?”

Tell your prospects what they will see, what they will hear, and how they will feel after they buy your product. Students of NLP will recognize this as the conditions for Well-Formed Outcomes. Except in this case, you’re telling the prospects all the goodies they will see, hear, and feel.

Here are a couple of old ads from The Johnson Smith Novelty Company’s Catalogue that use these principles:

Borrow any bill, place in transparent envelope – then burn it in plain view! Scare audience by saying “something went wrong”, but happy ending when real bill produced unharmed. Amazing, easy. $1.95

Amazing optical discovery makes it possible to watch TV in 3 dimensions on any set. Exciting, life-like, in-the-room action. Creates optical illusion that causes real thrill when watching TV. Get more than one pair for friends, relatives. $2.50

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