A Money-Making Framework

by Lou

In order to sell as much as you can, you can’t just string a bunch of language patterns together in the hope you’ll sell something. I have seen people do this, but I’m not sure how well they’re selling.

You need a framework, a way to sprinkle NLP Language Patterns throughout your marketing to make it sparkle – and persuade.

There are plenty of these frameworks around, and some of them have been in use for a very long time indeed. If you’ve been in marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably come across these formulas: AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) or PPPP (Promise, Picture, Proof, Push). There are plenty of others.

One that works well with the integration of NLP Language Patterns is the AHEXBA Formula. Here’s the way of it:

  • A=Attraction. This is the headline and lead paragraph. With this you are aiming and calling out to your targeted market. Normally, you’d mention a problem your targeted market is having. Some language patterns that work well for this are here, and here.
  • H=Hold attention. You want to do this so your prospects don’t click away. Most people surfing the internet just stay a few seconds, UNLESS you hold their attention. You can do this by making a bold promise – and backing this promise up with very strong proof (testimonials or success stories work well for this).
  • EX=Excite. Now you build on your promise. Making it bolder, shinier, louder. Use VAK to paint a picture of how their lives will change once they use your product or service. This pulls them into your advertising where they say to themselves, “this sounds great; I have to have this!” But you’re not done. You have to add more benefits, all the great things they’ll get. Now go up on their Hierarchy of Criteria. Ask yourself, “Why would they want what I’m selling?” Now ask yourself, “What’s even more important than that?” Put your answers in your copy.
  • B=Belief. If you’ve made your promise(s) very bold, they might not believe you. So you add more proof to the mix. That should take care of it. BUT another problem you might have is they believe you, they believe other people have gotten the benefits you provide; they just don’t believe THEY can do it. You’ve got to get them to believe that they can. Here’s where you can add reframing and presuppositions to get them to believe that ANYBODY can do it.
  • A=Action. Here you tell your readers/listeners/viewers what, specifically you want them to do. Since most people tend to procrastinate you have to do whatever it takes to get them off their butts and pull out their wallets. Put up a deadline and put it on their time-lines. Add scarcity and use embedded commands to get them moving.

This framework has worked very well for me and others who have used it. Once you’ve written your ad using the above AHEXBA formula, you can look through the other NLP Language Patterns for Advertising and see where you can place them to strengthen your message.

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