Don’t Use No Double Negatives

by Lou

According to NLP, a higher percentage of any given population runs on a Moving Away Motivation (I certainly do). Knowing this, it behooves you to include negative motivation in your ads. If you don’t appeal to people’s negativity, you’re throwing lots of money away. Sure, it’s important to make big promises and load up your marketing with all sorts of benefits and advantages, just don’t leave out the Negative Nancies.

Here’s a language pattern you can use to achieve this:

If you don’t (DO WHAT I WANT), you won’t (ACHIEVE OUTCOME) / you will (NEGATIVE OUTCOME).

Some examples -

See, what you’re doing here is telling prospects what they WON’T GET if they DON’T RESPOND to your offer.

Another tip: You can also include an embedded command in the first half of the pattern – “If you don’t use Mr. Sparkle…”

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