Ecology Check (before your accountant calls you crazy)

by Lou

In a previous post I mentioned that it’s possible for prospects to believe you and your claims, they believe that other people can achieve what you’re claiming, but they just can’t believe THEY can achieve what you’re promising.

Another problem you might face, is the “system” your prospects are in, specifically, their family, friends, neighbors, and workplace. This is especially important if what you are offering is indeed life changing: weight loss, making money, gaining health are some common examples.

When writing your advertisements ask yourself, “what problems could arise if they actually achieve what I’m claiming?” You have to ask this question because you certainly know your prospects are asking it, possibly unconsciously. If you can get this information straight from their mouths, perfect. If not, take second position to them and see what you come up with. Use your imagination.

For example, if a person wants to lose weight and you sell some sort of weight loss product, prospects might start to think that “Yes, I can achieve this, but I’m going to have to buy new clothes, people might be sexually attracted to me, etc.”

Or you might be selling some sort of money making kit. Same process. “I’ll have to pay more taxes…I’ll have less free time…etc.”

Are they unhealthy and your product will make them healthier? They might miss the caring treatment and sympathy from their spouses and kids.

Keep in mind the system your prospect is part of and how what you’re selling might negatively affect this system. Everyone from jealous family members to jealous co-workers could affect their buying decision.

Once you’ve run this ecology check, it’s time to start reframing these objections. Spending money on new clothes a problem? Tell them that clothes for thinner people are less expensive. Worried about less free time because of your business opportunity? Tell them how they will have even MORE free time to enjoy it, especially with the extra money.

People telling you that using NLP Language Patterns in your advertising is manipulative? Tell them they are trying to manipulate you into believing that.

Get the idea?

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