The Strange Tale of Using Opposites to Add Believability to Your Claims

by Lou

Want a way to add some muscle and memorability to a claim you’re making? Just add the opposite of what is expected to supply some contrast. I’m not sure why this pattern works. Maybe it brings an objection out into the open. Maybe it allows people the promise of a goal without having to give up something to get that goal. Whatever the reason, it works. Try it out.

Here’s the pattern. Very simple:

(CLAIM). Even when/if (OPPOSITE)!

Here are some examples:

WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCT: “Shed ugly fat. Even when enjoying your favorite foods!”
NLP LANGUAGE PATTERNS: “Write persuasive copywriting. Even if you know nothing about advertising!”
POLITICIANS: “Become president. Even if not elected!”

If you are going to use the above pattern, I’d definitely use some strong proof or a specific testimonial to back it up. Just to be on the safe side.

Or, you can use the above pattern as a subhead, and then elaborate on HOW, specifically, your product or service will help them achieve that claim.

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