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by Lou

Your reading and studying this blog and integrating the language patterns into your advertising allows you to be more elegant in your language and persuasion abilities. The result? More sales and more hard cash in your Swiss bank account.

Now that you’ve realized how important the mastery of language is and how vital it is to your bottom line, we can begin talking about Cause & Effect.

The above sentences are examples of the Ericksonian languaging technique of Cause and Effect: THIS CAUSES/MAKES THIS or THAT.

To use C&E you tie in with what your prospects are doing (or feeling) now and how that causes them to do what you want them to do or feel how you want them to feel.

(ACTION or FEELING) will help you/lead you/make you to (OUTCOME).
“Your reading this blog will help you to create more powerful and persuasive advertising.”

(ACTION or FEELING) will cause you to (OUTCOME).
“Your lack of money will cause you to keep your eyes open for new opportunities.”

Now that you’ve (DONE SOMTHING THEY’D BE LIKELY TO DO) we can begin (OUTCOME).
“Now that you’ve read up to here, we can begin talking about how I can help you.”

Your (QUALITY) allows you to (OUTCOME).
“Your curiosity allows you to master this material easily.”

Do be careful when using this pattern, because it is, after all, a Meta-Model Violation (Distortion), too. What you say does have to have some truth to it, or it will just sound incongruent and ridiculous:

“Just listening to the president’s ‘speech’ will lead you to agree with his arguments and pick up a gun and head to Iraq.”

Having finished this post now allows you to use cause and effect statements with elegance and pure persuasive power.

Photo of full moon by Frode Steen (CC A3.0)

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