A Never Ending Supply of Money

by Lou

By using language of permanence – the permanence of your company and the permanence of your results – you’ll achieve top-of-mind positioning and make your prospects feel a whole lot better doing business with you. Placing yourself on your prospects’ and customers’ time lines is a smart thing to do.

There are several ways you can do this: straight out and tell them, implying permanence, or presupposing permanence.

And of course you can suggest moving towards permanence, in other words how the results and the help you’ll give your customers and clients will be permanent or long lasting. You can also suggest moving away permanence. This is where you suggest that the pain they’re in will persist, will be permanent unless they let you help them. Suggesting all the permanent problems they’ll get by dealing with your competitors is also a lot of fun.

lasting, remaining, stable, secure, staying, indestructible, endless, non-stop, stay with, year after year, day after day, long term, continuing, eternal, ceaseless, constant, enduring, persistent, etc.

Just use your trusty thesaurus to help you find more words and phrases that suggest permanence.


  • STRAIGHT OUT: “We will work with you year after year helping you (BENEFITS YOUR BUSINESS OFFERS).”

  • IMPLYING: “We’ve been helping thousands of clients (ACHIEVE RESULTS) since 1989.” OR “We’ve just updated our lease until 2015.”

  • PRESUPPOSING: “Do you know of any other (TYPE) company that gets such long lasting results as ACME (YOUR COMPANY NAME)?”

So make sure you start using NLP Language Patterns in your ads and live happily ever after. . .


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