Advertising Techniques: Using the FUSE Method

by Lou

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to write ads that immediately focused on what your customers wanted? It’s amazing how advertisers who aren’t doing well seem to ignore what I’m about to tell you. This post isn’t so much about specific language patterns as it is on beating your competition. Fail to do these things and you’ll be scratching your head wondering why you’re not making any money, or even worse – why your competitors are making all the money. And using this method is as simple as remembering a simple acronym: FUSE.

F = Fast, as in fast results. Tell your prospects how fast they can expect results from your product or service. Tell them specifically how many hours, days, minutes if you can. Tell your prospects, specifically, how much faster you are than your competition. Dominoes Pizza did this with their pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less.

U = Unique. If you’re offering the same thing as everyone else then nothing will stop them from buying from your competitors. If the only thing you can offer that is unique is your price, you’re going to lose, because there will always be someone who can beat your price. This is where you tell them about your unique selling proposition and the ultimate advantages of your product.

S = Simple. Simple to use, simple to understand. Start off with your ad. Make it simple to read. Simple to understand. Cut the jargon and the buzzwords. Cut the “We are the best” and “we are number one” out of your ads. Now tell your prospects how simple your product is to use. Show them how simple it is to contact you. Show them how a few simple steps will help them solve their problems or help them reach their goals.

E = Effective. Prove to your prospects that you or your product can help them. Use every tool at your disposal: testimonials, quotes from experts in your field, article excerpts, pie charts, comparison charts, presuppositions, etc. Show them how, specifically, effective your offering is and how you will help them.

There you have it. An easy, four step method you can put to use in just a few minutes (fifteen minutes at the most for each product or service you sell). Use the FUSE technique to harness the power of the most successful companies of yesterday and today…and tomorrow.


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