Many Benefits for the Price of One

by Lou

Can’t come up with a ton of benefits for your product or service? No worries. Here’s an NLP Copywriting tip that allows your prospects to fill in the blanks:

One of the things you’ll love/like/really enjoy about (YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE) is (BENEFIT).


“One of the things you’ll love about Arnold’s is our large selection of high-quality food at reasonable prices.”

This advertising language pattern presupposes that there are other things your prospects will like about your product. You don’t have to mention what they are as your prospects will figure that out, either consciously or subconsciously.

You can also add additional benefits to your ads with a similar language pattern using the phrase “another thing…“. These additional benefits can be something prospects wouldn’t normally think they’d get with your product.


“Another thing you’ll like about using NLP Language Patterns for Advertising is that they will make you more persuasive in all areas of your life, not just business.” (I would then go on with specific examples.)

You can also tie in a target market or an exclusive group (a group your market wants to be part of) with this pattern. Just change it to the third person.


“One of the things wealthy internet marketers really love about NLP Language Patterns is how easy they are to use.”


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