NLP Marketing: Oblivious to Obvious NLP Copywriting

by Lou

Lately I’ve been seeing a couple of persons write how, if NLP is too obvious in an advertisement – if it is too blatant, it will damage sales. I once saw a seller’s website where practically every other sentence was some sort of NLP language pattern. It was full of embedded commands, linguistic binds, mind reading, you name it. I thought, “Wow, he’s gone overboard!” Turns out he was making sales everyday, and he wasn’t going to touch a thing on his site.

These patterns are obvious to the people who already know them. Most prospects aren’t aware of them at all. They would figure a sentence like this: “So he said, ‘I wonder if you will get excited when you buy now!‘” as just plain weird or hype rather than some sort of pattern to manipulate them. Readers know it won’t turn them into mindless zombies ready to hand over their wallets. (Granted, being weird or using hype doesn’t really sell either.) Surely, they’re aware that most advertisements want to manipulate them into buying something anyway.

Listen, when a magician watches another magician do a trick in front of an audience and he knows how the trick is done, he doesn’t think, “how can the audience fall for that old gag?” They are both in on the secret. See? The audience doesn’t care. They just want to enjoy what they paid for. True magicians don’t try to ruin the business of other magicians by pointing out their secrets.

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