Don’t Be Like All the Other Non-Conformists

by Lou

“If you want to be one of the non-conformists, then all you have to do is dress like us and listen to the same music as we do.” ~ Goth Kid in South Park episode Raisins

Highly intelligent and innovative people like you already know that prospects and customers want to belong to a special group. Maybe it’s our tribal nature.

If you can put in your ads that what you are offering can have readers join this special, desirable group, you’ll have a winner.

Equally important, especially in the West, is the idea of people not wanting to be part of the non-thinking members of society, you know the ones, the people who see a television commercial and then crave the object being sold. Or the ones who hear about a new toy, gadget, or game and then sleep outside the shop for a week before the item arrives. Ooooh, bad insult to be part of THAT group.

And you can use that not-wanting-to-be-part-of-the-mob mentality in your ads. Just state or imply that if prospects DON’T do what you’re suggesting, they are just non-thinking, stimulous-response conformists.


  • “Don’t get caught up in the herd…” or “Don’t get caught up in that herd mentality…”

  • “Don’t be part of the herd (mentality)…”

“I’m absolutely convinced that you have made that important first step and broken from the herd and that you will be one of the best students I have ever had.”*

This pattern is quite strong, please make sure you have rapport with your audience before you use it.

* I got this NLP language pattern from Larry McLauchlin.


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