Advertising Language: Asking Why

by Lou

Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.
~ Kurt Vonnegut

In NLP therapeutic interventions, it’s considered bad form to ask clients “Why” questions. The reason being that answers to these types of questions tend to validate their behavior or their responses to the troubling situation.

Questions like, “Why do you get depressed every time the boss tells you to do something?” or “Why do you feel that way?” are considered dead-ends in NLP.

However, in writing ads asking “Why?” is vital.

And three why questions you should always ask when you begin writing your ads are these:

1. Why do customers need to buy this product or service? (This is the reason why people will buy this, the benefits they receive, the problems they’ll solve, etc.)

2. Why should people buy this from me? (Especially important if what you are offering is some sort of commodity product or service. Why should people buy from you if they can get the same or similar thing someplace else cheaper?)

3. Why should they believe me? (How are you going to prove what you say is true?)

So start your copywriting by answering questions like these to make the most persuasive ad possible.


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