How to Use Logical Levels in Advertising: Identity

by Lou

In NLP’s Logical Levels (of Beliefs), the second highest level (after Spirituality) is Identity. Who you think you are and how you think of yourself.

Influential copywriters from Robert Collier to Eugene Schwartz had known that attaching the products they were writing about to the identity of their prospects was just about the most powerful way of influencing somebody. This was one of their best-kept secrets.

Although there are many ways to affect a prospect’s identity, I’d like to show you an easy way using an NLP language pattern. You can use it in just minutes from now.

Here goes.

“For (TYPE OF PERSON) only.”

That’s it.

The type of person has to be the type of person readers (or listeners) see themselves or would like to see themselves.

This language pattern makes a great subheading or can be incorporated into the body copy directly.


• “For mature minds only.”
• “For dedicated fans only.”
• “For serious gardeners only.”
• “For patriotic Americans only.”

Here are some longer examples:

• “NLP Language Patterns for Advertising are only for business owners who are dedicated to their success.”

• “NoVa Motor Oil is only for car owners who are proud of the automobiles.”

As you can see, this language pattern is powerful and should only be used for people who are serious about making money.


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