Always Use Universal Quantifiers to Have Readers Step into Buying States

by Lou

Each one of us has the ability to help our customers get what they want out of life. All of our products and services can help them solve their problems or help them to lead quality lives on some level.

The basic problem in selling your products and services is getting enough of the emotions involved to get your prospective customers to take action. Universal Quantifiers stimulate the emotions because they can be so extreme.

The following language pattern concentrates on your prospect’s problem state or on their desired state. It uses a Universal Quantifier, specifically, “every time” to increase the intensity of the problem or desired state.

PATTERN: Every time (you) [PROBLEM or BENEFIT].

This NLP Language Pattern can be used to pace a negative state. When you use it to have people step into their problem state, you are talking about their past experiences, but you’re also implying that their problem will continue into the future—unless they do something (like buy your product).

Every time you feed your dog, you don’t know what are you feeding him or her. Is it melamine? Is it some sort of industrial waste?

Every time you look at your dwindling bank account statement, your heart sinks.

Every time it rains, you have to worry about whether your roof will hold up or not.

When you use this pattern to bring out the positives in your offering, you are implying a future pace towards a desired state:

Every time you look at your email inbox, you’ll see another “Notification of Payment Received.” Once you realize the power of this method, you’ll be on top of the world!

Every time you use NLP Language Patterns for Advertising on your website, you’ll notice higher conversion rates.

Of course this language pattern presupposes that there were or will be other times, either good or bad (your choice in how you want to bring that to your prospect’s attention).

Another interesting use of this Universal Quantifier is as a hypnotic command, a sort of post-hypnotic suggestion:

Every time you see negative economic news, you’ll think of how my service will help you sell your house.

Every time you wake up and smell the coffee, you’ll think to yourself, “I can really go for a Drake’s Cake right about now!”

Every time you look in the mirror, you will be reminded of me. (Okay, I’m being a wise-guy here, but you get the idea!)

Let me close this post. Come back to this blog often, because every time you do, you’ll be delighted at your control of persuasive language and how that positively affects your cash flow. Imagine that!


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