It’s About Time Released Suggestions

by Lou

A favorite blog you’ll bookmark and return to often and where you respect the writer greatly is the one that gives you useful, relevant information and tips — often in the form of a numbered list towards the end of the article or post. Makes sense, does it not?

Because the writer cares enough about his or her readers to want to help and to give advice and advanced tips that can’t be found anywhere else.
One such advanced tip in the ad copywriting field is the use of Time Released Suggestions (TRS). As you probably know, it’s preferable for believability and credibility when readers of your ads come to certain conclusions themselves. Obviously, you can’t just say “Trust me” and expect that to work.

You need to use connotation, a way of implying something you want your readers to believe without actually stating it.
Here’s how to use TRS to create that subliminal state:
1. First off, make sure you firmly state your benefits and promises clearly. You DON’T want your prospects having to guess at what you are offering. This is Copywriting 101.
2. Now, to use TRS, consider what you want your prospects to think about you, your company, or your products. You can often sum it up in an adjective or two: Trustworthy, Trendy, Technologically Advanced, Successful, etc.
3. Early on in the piece mention what an (ADJECTIVE) company or person does. “A trustworthy company is one that puts its contact information at the bottom of each web page, since they have nothing to hide.”
4. Later on in the copy, do what an (ADJECTIVE) company or person does. In the above example, I’d put the phone number, email address, and mailing address on the bottom of each page of the website.

Of course, you don’t want to call attention to what you have done. In the above example, you would NOT write: “You’ll notice we put our contact information on all of our pages!”

As you consider the benefits of adding Time Released Suggestions to your advertising, you might like to use other NLP Language Patterns in your advertising to make it more persuasive. They work wonders. Trust me!


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