Subliminal Advertising Pattern #1

by Lou

Here’s an NLP Language Pattern that calls into question a reader’s identity. I hesitated to include this advertising language pattern since it’s quite strong and in the wrong hands could be lethal.

WARNING: You need to have deep rapport with your targeted audience if you use this pattern. Used incorrectly, and you risk insulting, even alienating, them.

But use it correctly, and it will sink into your prospects’ minds subliminally, making them keen to act.

Here it is:


Are you a highly regarded copywriter or just another underpaid hack?”
“Are you a savvy website owner or just another spammer?”
“Are you a star salesperson or just another used-car salesman wearing a polyester suit working the seedy car lot in the suburbs?

One way to lessen the intensity of this language pattern is to use it as an unattributed testimonial. That will make it less personal.

Jonathan Turley used this pattern not long ago to question, rhetorically, Barrack Obama’s following the US Constitution’s rule of law concerning the Bush administration’s use of torture on detainees: “Are you a true statesman or just another politician looking to win the next election.”

You can also future pace this identity pattern by starting the question with this: “Do you want to be…?”

“Do you want to be a successful real estate agent…or do you want to be Shelly Levene from Glenlarry Glen Ross?”

THINK! How does your product, business, blog, or website enhance your audience’s identity? What are the two extremes, the most positive and the most negative? How do they see themselves? How would they like to see themselves? Incorporate these answers into this language pattern. Then test it.

You may not know if this powerful language pattern will bring you the higher conversion rates you crave until you use it.


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