Getting Past Yes!

by Lou

If you are creating a direct response ad, you probably already know that getting prospective customers to your order coupon (offline) or order page (online) is vital for sales. Mess up here and you wasted your time and money on your sales pitch.

We’d do right to model the most successful direct marketers here. So every order page/coupon should have these things:

  1. Written in first person (I, Me, My). To show agreement.
  2. State what the customer must do
  3. Repeat the most important promise – the main benefit the customer will get
  4. State the guarantee
  5. Offer an additional minor benefit that might not have been mentioned in the body of the ad

Can we make this stronger with NLP language patterns? Check out these clip-out order coupons. The first one is the plain vanilla, the second one enhanced with NLP.

The first one: ————————————————————————————-
[_] YES! I want to make my ads more powerful. Please send me NLP Language Patterns for Advertising. I’ve enclosed $XX.xx. If I’m not convinced that these amazing language patterns will help me sell more, or if I’m not satisfied for any reason, my refund request will be honored.

Here’s the coupon with NLP language patterns added:
[_] YES! Lou, the more I think about it, the more I realize I need this. Please rush me NLP Language Patterns for Advertising TODAY for $XX.xx so I can make my ads more persuasive. I understand that once I start using these patterns in my advertising, and in the unlikely event that I don’t increase the money I make, I still have the option to get a refund.


They both do need some work, they’re just off the top of my loaf. But you get the idea of how NLP Language Patterns can enhance your message.

BONUS QUIZ: Did you recognize any of the NLP Language Patterns in the second example?

Here they are:

Sentence #1: Linguistic Bind.
Sentence #2: Cause/Effect.
Sentence #3: Presupposition (Subordinate Clause of Time), an embedded command, and another presupposition (Contrary to Expectation).


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