The Power of Concentration: How to Condense Your Offer Into a "Magic Pill"

by Lou

(Sorry for not posting lately, I’ve been flooded with great copywriting clients, both new and ones who have been using my services for years. It’s sometimes difficult to find a lull to write and post to a blog. Anyway, to the Bat Pole®. . .!)

In NLP, when we Change Frame Size, we reframe by adding information to or subtracting information from an issue on the same logical level. Doing this will often give the recipient of the reframe new options he or she hasn’t thought of before (if we enlarge the frame) or make the issue seem trivial (if we shrink the frame).

We can use this in advertising for a powerfully persuasive effect. We take a large desirable frame (that’s usually difficult to achieve) and shrink it down in to an easy Magic Pill for your prospects to swallow.

Here’s one pattern you can use for this:


Some examples:

Get one month’s worth of vigorous cardio workouts in just one session.

Get a day’s worth of amino acids in one spoonful of MegaPower Mix.

Get 44 years of advertising writing experience in the time it takes to read this book! (From Victor Schwab)

Get 2000 years of persuading and influence techniques in one seminar.

Think about your offer or your experience. How long did it take to develop? How many ingredients are in your product? Who do you work with? How many years of combined experience can you offer your customers?


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