Reasons You Need to Use "Reason Why" Copy in Your Advertising

by Lou

This post is more of a “modeling success” post rather than a specific language pattern.

In old school NLP, it was considered bad form to ask Why questions. Why? Because asking why-questions tended to validate and strengthen the beliefs and reasons that supported a problem state…

THERAPIST: Why do you feel that way?
PATIENT: Because she hates me.
THERAPIST: Why do you think she hates you? (etc…)

In successful advertising, however, prospects need reasons why in order for them to buy. And you have to supply the reasons. You can’t let your readers deduce the reasons themselves. They probably won’t. If that happens, you’ve lost a customer.

Here are some Reason Why questions to get you started. It’s been proven that answering these will create persuasive and compelling copywriting:

Why should they be interested in what you’re offering?

Why should they listen to you?

Why should they believe you?

Why should they buy from you?

Why is what you are offering a good deal?

Why should they act now?

When you’ve written your ad, go through it asking yourself why you’ve written what you did. Are your reasons congruent with your reader’s needs, wants and desires?

Doing this with several of your ads will make you write better, tighter, more persuasive copy. This will become second nature, and you’ll find yourself more persuasive and elegant with your communication in all walks of your life, not just writing ads.

Are you going to use the advice from this excellent post? Because once you do, you’ll find yourself quickly and easily selling more products at higher prices.


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