Chaining States Diagram

by Lou

Every ad you create needs to follow a progression to make a sale. Since people buy on emotions, it is your job to enter your prospect’s model of the world and their present state to change their emotional state(s).

Before you write your ad, ask yourself what your typical prospect’s present state is. Take second position to gain insights. Present states are often negative. And by that I mean, if a person is looking to solve a problem and is in the market to buy a solution, he or she is probably in a negative state of mind: fear, worry, despair, concern, etc.

Next, consider what states you would like your readers/listeners to experience as they go through your ad. What states would you like to have anchored to your business? Some of these states can include, hope, anticipation, excitement. These states tend to be positive. What can you say to bring on these positive states?

Now think about what their Desired State could be. Ask past customers if possible. Some typical states are security, relief from pain, pleasure, peace of mind, cheer, etc. How is your product or service going to help this person reach their desired state? Show and tell them how.

Remember, you are a dealer in states, a First Class State-Change Merchant. People are buying things/services from you to change their states. Help them get to their desired state in the quickest way possible.


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