Slaying Your Customers’ Dragons

by Lou

Since a large portion of the population tends to have a moving-away strategy when trying to reach their desired states, it becomes necessary for a portion of your advertising to focus on your prospects’ dragons.

These are the negative states that block people from achieving what they want. It’s your job, with your products or services, to kill off these dragons and clear the path to where your customers want to go and the states they want to be in.

Here are some of the nastiest dragons:

FEAR OF LOSS. This could be anything: financial loss, health deterioration, spouse or partner leaving them, dying, etc. People are often more willing to save what they have then to go after what they want.

NOT BEING ATTRACTIVE ENOUGH. And I mean this on several levels. The first one, thanks to Hollywood, is not being physically attractive. These can also be included: not being attractive enough for a new job, not being attractive enough to fit in with a desirable group of people, not having “nice” possessions, etc.

BEING REJECTED. This can tie in with not being attractive enough, but it can also mean people being afraid of sending their books to publishers for fear of rejection…or even worse, not even writing a book because of the IDEA of being rejected, approaching someone for help, etc.

FEAR OF BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. Remember this is the FEAR and the THOUGHT of being uncomfortable. Not even actually experiencing the discomfort, just the thought of it! This freezes more people than you can imagine.

There are plenty of others of course, including the usual suspects: Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Fear of Poverty, to name just a few.

What fears, pains, and dragons could be stopping your prospects from buying from you? What excuses do they give for NOT buying? And just as important, are your competitors doing a better job than you at being the customers’ Knight in Shining Armor?

How can you prove that you can whip these dragons and turn them into fashionable belts, wallets, and boots?


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