Fill in the blanks for your prospect, so they love you

by Lou

Why did you come here? Isn´t it true that you came here because of some gap in your knowledge or problems in your business? Helping others fill in the gaps of their own problems will definitely get prospects moving in the direction of becoming your customers.


What´s missing in your (AREA OF BUSINESS)? You can also use the past tense with this pattern: What was missing from your last (AREA OF BUSINESS)? SOME SAMPLES

  • ¨What´s missing in your child´s education?¨
  • ¨What´s missing in your advertising?¨
  • ¨What´s missing in your morning coffee?¨
  • ¨What was missing from your last vacation?¨
  • “What was missing from your last oil change?”

You´ll notice that this pattern presupposes that the reader is lacking in something. If they feel they are lacking in what you suggest, you´ll gain rapport because you paced their problem.

If they weren´t thinking about what they lacked, they certainly are now with some possible doubt about your competitor´s abilities. Of course you would then show the reader how you can help.

[Graphic by Rosenfeld Media]


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