Exclusion by Inclusion: Outdoor Advertising Ideas

by Lou

The other day here in Puerto Viejo, I walked past a restaurant sign that said “Food and Pizza”. I started to smile. What does that imply? What does that tell you about pizza? It tells me that pizza isn’t food.

I soon realized that by including an item along with its category, you effectively negate it. In NLP terms, if you take a HIGHER CHUNK (like a category) and include a LOWER CHUNK (like an example), you actually exclude the example.

So, if I say, “Professionals and Realtors”. What does that say? (By the way, I’m NOT saying Realtors aren’t professionals, some of my best clients and the MOST professional have been people working in the real estate industry. This just an example.)

How about “Shoes and Cowboy Boots”?

This problem seems common to advertisers who are not native speakers of English. Not long ago I saw a sign in a small New Jersey grocery store that had a big sign that said, “Grocery and Nuts”. The first thing that came to my mind (after I stopped laughing) was that maybe they sold nuts in large quantities….the meaning of your communication is the response you get.

This could be an interesting advertising language pattern to negate your competition.

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    After I read the whole article, I learn what the best thing to put in an outdoor advertising is and I also learn to be very careful in choosing some words on it.

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