Speedy Cash With This Advertising Language Pattern

by Lou

Please do not read this blog post unless you really want to accelerate your website conversion rate.

Today, more than ever, the vast majority of humanity wants quick results–from microwave Mulai Kofta to becoming Instant Millionaires. And if you can promise quick results, you’d make a lot more money, don’t you agree?

How would you like to be able to tie in your offering with the highly desirable need-for-speed?

The language pattern you are about to learn is great because it not only presupposes that you will get them results quickly, but if they answer the question, it also presupposes that YOU will get them the results they want.

Here’s how to use it:

First, think of the positive result(s) your product or service delivers. How does your product help your prospects achieve their aspirations or how does it remove your prospects’ problem?

Then your place the outcome in a question that presupposes speed. Like this:



How fast/quickly/soon do you want [POSITVE OUTCOME or RESULT/THEIR GOAL]?

How fast do you want to get a job?” (Possibly for a resumé writing service)

How quickly do you want to master persuasive language patterns?” (NLP Language Patterns for Advertising)

How soon do you want smooth and beautiful skin?” (Possibly for a facial cream or acne remover)

Another useful way to use the Adjectives of Speed presupposition is to presuppose the results of your product or service will last a long time.

How long do you want [BENEFIT] to last?

How long do you want your lawn to remain green?”

The Adjectives of Speed presupposition is a great pattern to use for headlines and subheads.

Give yourself permission to use this pattern today.


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