An Attention Grabbing Word For Your Ads

by Lou

In a few second I’m going to give you one of the most powerful attention grabbing words you’ll ever use in your ads. It has a multitude of uses, from implying Cause and Effect to getting prospects to experience certain emotions and feelings, which of course leads to more people to buy.

And the word is?


When you use this word, you get your readers and listeners to pay attention to something that might not have been on their minds before coming in contact with your copy. And you can use this word in a variety of ways.


Notice how you feel when/about…

Have you ever noticed…?

Here are some examples:

• “Notice how Barrack Obama moves his head from left to right when giving a speech? That’s no accident. He does that because….” (A company that offers effective presenting could use something like this, or they could mention another effective presenter, Steve Jobs: “Notice how Steve Jobs tells stories in his presentations…”)

• “Notice how you feel when you think about going for a new job.” (This could be for a resumé writing service.)

• “Have you ever noticed businesses that use NLP Language Patterns for Advertising make more money?

I invite you to use this attention grabbing word in your advertising today. (Notice how I just used an NLP Language Pattern in the above sentence?)

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