The Power of Persuasion: First Person Convincing

by Lou

“I’m mastering NLP language patterns easily and effortlessly. I’m learning how to incorporate them into my advertising and daily conversations and in the process my communications are becoming more elegant and persuasive.”

The best way to convince people of something is to have them convince themselves. Here’s a language pattern that gets the ball moving quickly in that direction.

Take the benefits of your product and convert them into the first person (I, me, my, mine) process. You can use these frames to get you started:

  • I’m discovering…
  • I’m learning how to…
  • I will uncover…
  • I am making…
  • I am saving…
  • I’m helping…
  • I know…

As they read the statement, they will be creating an affirmation as if they were actually talking to themselves.

You can preface the statement with a command: “Tell yourself, “I am…”

Another great way of using this pattern is to include it in your order form or order box:

“Yes, Lou! Count me in! I know I need to master NLP language patterns thereby increasing the quality of my life!

3 comments on “The Power of Persuasion: First Person Convincing

  1. Nikki Beasley on said:

    Very persuasive! Please tell me more.

  2. Interesting, I’ve seen people use this language before on sales pages before. Just wondering though, have multiple people seen an increased conversion rate when including this on the sales page? would be interesting to know if this is like, scientifically proven (I’m not saying it isn’t, just that I have always wondered if this is scientifically proven or if people are just using this technique because of tradition)

  3. Cesar Galano on said:

    I particularly use a lot this phrase:

    “Yes, I’m ready to..”

    Frankly, it works marvelously and I usually try to create derivates from this powerful command.

    Cesar Galano.

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