How to Introduce a Bulleted List

by Lou

As you know, a bulleted list a great way to sell something, especially online where most people scan a page. I think we’ve all bought many things when we saw a few of the enticing bullets that were presented.

You also need a great way to introduce your bullets. Bullet introductions are a perfect vehicle for NLP Language Patterns such as embedded commands, presuppositions, and binds.

Here now is a bulleted list of bulleted list introductions:

● Here’s a brief/small list/sample of what you’ll get/receive/learn:

● Below is a list/are a few of the tools/benefits you’ll get when you use (PRODUCT):

● I/We developed these strategies/resources to help you succeed in/overcome:

● You will need this product/my services, if you:

● With (NAME OF YOUR PRODUCT) by your side, you will be able to:

● How would you/Wouldn’t you like to:

● You’ll avoid these problems:

● Consider these benefits/features/advantages:


● I’ll throw in these # bonuses just to say “Thank you” for trying our offer:

● You’ll also get these # bonuses (value at $xx.xx) just for trying our product:

So write a list of as many benefits as you can think of for your product: the major promises, the minor benefits, the secondary gain, the hidden benefits (reasons the prospect would want the product but no want to tell anybody), etc. Put them into a bullet list and give them an introduction.

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