Model successful chain letters to excite emotions, defeat skepticism, and get action

by Lou

After you have read this post, you will have some incredible tools to make your ads more powerful by getting people excited about your offer, overcoming objections or doubt, and getting them to take the actions you want.

Have you ever received a chain letter to send? They’re more common via email these days (“forward this email to five of your friends and you will received blessed good luck“) but have been around even before snail mail.

The most successful chain letters have been the ones that asked for money. They often appealed to greed. They promised a fantastic return on a little effort and money.

Here’s a copy of the famous Dave Rhodes chain letter. See if you can find the language patterns and other techniques it uses to get people to take action, bearing in mind that this is a cold letter in that people never received anything from this person before (my analysis follows)…

Download (PDF, 52KB)


What did you come up with? Did you feel that maybe it could work and that you would want to try it out?

Here are a few things from this that you can use in your ads:

1. Anticipate scepticism. When creating your ad, ask yourself, “What would stop people from buying my product?” With that list of objections, come up with arguments to counter them. You could use frames like these: “Like you, I was skeptical once…”; “I know you’re not going to believe this…”; “For all you skeptics out there…”; “If you have any doubts,….”

2. Use numbers for your claims. Specific numbers add credibility. How many people? How much money?  What percentage? Which law number on the books?

3. Use stories. Use them to empathize with prospects. Use them to tell how you, your customers or clients have succeeded in using your product. Especially good are stories which tell how the person failed at using other products until he or she found yours. The first part of this letter tells how Dave Rhodes was down on his luck until he came across an incredible way to make money.

4. Use process. Give your prospects step-by-step instructions to action. Also tell them exactly what will happen once they start using your product.

5. Use social proof. This letter uses testimonials. You can use–real–testimonials for your product. If you’re just starting out, you need to read this post on creating testimonials samples out of thin air.

So, there are some tools you can use to get started in making your ads stronger and more compelling. Now, forward this post to five friends or you won’t be able to sleep tonight…

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