Making Your Prospects Stand Out From the Herd

by Lou

If you’ve been in the influence business for any length of time, you know how important it is to show “social proof”. This is where people in an unfamiliar situation will watch what other people are doing in order to make a decision.

I’ve traveled to many countries around the globe and if I’m in a local restaurant where I’m not sure how to behave, I’ll take a look at what my fellow diners are doing. It has saved me from embarrassment from Morocco to Sri Lanka.

And of course, successful advertisers use social proof all the time in their ads. Testimonials are a classic, time-tested example.

Most of us don’t like the idea of following the herd, even though we do it quite often. But we do like the idea of standing out, being unique, having privileged information. We can do that in our ads.

Here’s a frame to use to achieve that effect:

(How to) Be the one (man, woman, person, freelance writer) in 1,000 who can (DESIRABLE OUTCOME, RARE SKILL OR KNACK).

Some examples…

• ”How to be the one person in 1,000 who can get preferential treatment in a restaurant.”

• ”How to be the one restaurant owner in a thousand who can have her place full every night.”

• ”Be the one homeowner in 1,000 who can have a beautiful green lawn—without crab grass—all summer long.”

This language pattern works very well if you’re selling info products, as many of these products offer inside information.

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