How to Create Several Ads from One

by Lou

advertising techniquesEvery successful business owner knows the more messages you have OUT THERE the more business you’ll get. And there are plenty of ways to promote your business, but you need the correct message for each medium.

Off the top of my head, here is a list of the types of ads going from the least amount of information needed to the most.

Website Banners
Adsense ads
Classified ads
Radio spots
Sales Letters
Video Scripts

I’m sure you can think of many more. In each of these, you need to get your readers’/viewers’/listerners’ emotions involved. If you agree with me then here are few ways to do that while increasing the length of your ads…


To get started, think of your product’s (or service’s) most important promise. Next, consider your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Now think of a metaphor that would visually combine the two. For my copywriting service, I like to use the old genie and the lamp visual with the genie holding a pen. This could be used as a logo or on a bumper sticker or website banner along with a blurb and contact information or a link.


The other day I showed you how to create an elevator pitch using NLP language patterns. Did you do it? You can tweak that pitch a bit, shrink it down and use it in your Adwords campaigns, classified ads, and post card mailings. If you haven’t created your elevator pitch, you can use the standard copywriting PPPP (Promise-Picture-Proof-Push) to create your essence.


To work on your sales letters, video scripts and longer sales pieces you can use the above essence and flesh it out with more promises, more benefits, success stories, proof elements (testimonials, case studies, processes, etc.),consequences, chunking up (general), chunking down (specifics), psychological motivators, calls to action, etc.

Doing the above will give you all you need to create advertising of any length.

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