How to make bold claims without resistance

by Lou

I’d like to talk to you about Milton Erickson’s use of the words, “a person ” or “people,” in his dealing with patients and how you could use the same patterns to sell more.

As you probably know, Erickson often used vague language to help cure his patients’ problems. When he would say something like this: “People can learn easily under hypnosis,” he would be using an unspecified noun.

And when an unspecified noun is used, the recipient of the language pattern would have to use their imagination to fill in the specifics. And the easiest way to do that was to associate into what’s just been said.

It’s a useful pattern to use to avoid resistance to your sales pitch.

A person could read this blog thorougly and be able to make more sales, right?

This is because any person can, I’m not saying who that person is (unspecified noun) so your subconscious automatically assumes it’s you.

So, the first step in using this pattern is to think of what your prospect needs to do, think of, imagine. What ideas, thoughts, fantasies do you need to plant? Then you could use one of these frames:

“A person can/could… / People can…”

“A person is able to… / People are able to…”

“A person doesn’t have to…” (This is one great in that now you’re perfectly safe to imagine doing what I want you to do.)

For example:

- A person could make a fortune with this information. (for a biz-op ad)

- People are able to get their dream jobs with this type of resume. (for a resume/CV writing service)

- A person doesn’t have to meet his soul mate in one day … although it’s possible. (for a dating service)

This language pattern can be used in face-to-face conversations, on video, in presentations, in sales letters and other print ads. It can also be used to motivate someone towards a goal or away from pain.

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