The Top Ten Questions to Get Your Customers to say “YES” to What You’re Selling

by Lou

Wouldn’t you like a way to get prospects to agree to what you’re about to tell them? Wouldn’t that be useful?

There’s a method you might have heard about in sales called—at various times— “The Yes Momentum”, “The Yes Set”, “The Agreement Slide”…….

By establishing a repetitive series of “Yes” responses, you’re more likely to get readers to agree to bigger claims made by you. It’s also a splendid way to start getting empathy as you pace your readers’ problems and desires.

It’s usually used in face-to-face selling, often when closing a sale. I did this when training sales people while I was living in Indonesia. These people had no sales training whatsoever. The first thing I told them to do was develop a big promise, a U.S.P., a list of benefits, and a series of questions where the answer would almost always be yes. . . and also to do more listening than talking. Worked like a charm!

And of course you can use the Yes-Set in copywriting.

Here’s the list. I’ll use the example of a resume/CV writing service creating an ad for their business.

1. Wouldn’t you like/love to…?

“Wouldn’t you love to have that job you’ve always dreamed about: excellent salary, great co-workers, mentally stable boss?”

2. Isn’t it time to…?

“Isn’t time to get a better job?”

3. (Are you) Tired of (the same old)…?

“Are you tired of the same old daily grind?”

4. Can you imagine…?

“Can you imagine a bigger salary, a salary for what you’re really worth?”

5. Are you drowning in…?

“Are you drowning in a sea of incompetent co-workers, unpaid overtime, and a ton of paperwork?”

6. You can…, can’t you?

“You can see yourself in your new office, can’t you?”

7. Do you notice how good it feels when you…?

“Do you notice how good it feels when you are complimented on your work?”

8. Do you want/need a better…?

“Do you want a better quality of life?”

9. Did you ever ask yourself…?

“Did you ever ask yourself, ‘Why am I staying on this stupid job’?

10. Are you interested in…?

“Are you interested in finally getting credit for your work?”

You can use these questions as headlines, subheads, bullet points, as paragraph leads. Then you can build on that question with examples, emotionally laden statements, pacing the readers experience, etc.

You can also uses questions like these to end a paragraph. If you choose to do it this way, you’d pace the reader’s typical experience and then ask the question.

Yes-Set questions can be placed anywhere in the ad, the beginning, while you’re closing, even in the middle. Truly a useful set of tools.

This series of questions will work in any business for whatever you’re selling. It’s easy to add Yes Momentum questions to your advertising now, isn’t it?

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