WARNING: Are Your Frames Causing You to Flop, Flounder and Fail?

by Lou

Reframe your life to make more salesWhen we ponder something, we tend to put a frame of reference around it. These frames construct categories that allow us to form our beliefs, identities, roles, and actions.

Unfortunately, these frames can create stuck states and feelings of hopelessness. And many times our frames remain invisible, outside our consciousness.

What do you think about your business? In particular, in what areas of your business do you feel stuck or stalled? Many common ones are, too much competition, not enough buyers, employees always late, high overhead, etc.

Now chunk up to find your frame. Ask yourself, What is this an example of? Say one of your problems is that you feel there is too much competition. What is too much competition an example of? One possible answer is “Scarcity.” That would be your frame on this particular area. “Not enough buyers” would be an example of scarcity as well. “Employees always late” could be “Disrespect”.

Once you do that, you can do a Content Reframe (A.K.A. Meaning Reframe). Ask yourself, What’s not apparent?” “What else could this behavior mean?” “How else can I describe this situation? For a scarcity frame, possible answers could be, “I’m not reaching enough prospects with my message,” or “I’m not targeting the proper audience,” etc…

…Or you can Reverse Presuppositions. Here you think of the opposite description of your frame. For scarcity it could mean–for you–abundance. Then you use this frame: How could (YOUR FRAME) actually mean/be/cause (THE OPPOSITE FRAME)? For example, “How could my frame of scarcity actually cause abundance?

A possible answer might possible be, “to offer more value to my present customers so I can charge more money.”

Here are the steps to deframe a negative frame of mind:

1. Where are you stuck?

2. What do you think about that?

3. Find your frame. What is this an example of?

4. Reframe, Reverse Presuppositions, or both.

5. Test and Future Pace. After you have done Step 4, how do you feel when you think about your negative frame? How great would having this new frame of reference be tomorrow? What about next week? For the next five years?

A few years ago, when the world-wide economic downturn started to get under full swing, CEO of Cisco, John Chambers, said that the troubled economy would be an opportunity to come out ahead of the competition. How’s that for a change of frame? And the results of his thinking?

It enabled the company, in the midst of one of the world’s worst economic downturns, to pursue over twenty projects a year instead of just one or two, and created a slimmer organization driven by productivity and speed to market.

This deframing and reframing is also useful in other parts of your life.

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