How to Easily Create Anticipation in Your Customers

by Lou

Remember that time in your life when you were a kid and it was Christmas, your birthday, or another major holiday (depending on your culture) and you were anticipating all the great things you were going to receive or do on that day?

How would you like to create that anticipation into your customers and prospects even as adults? It’s easy to do.

After you’ve talked a bit about your product or service (main promise, side benefits, hidden benefits, features, etc.). You just add this magical frame.

“I wish you could (see yourself/experience)…”


I wish you could see yourself (SENSORY DESCRIPTION OF MAJOR BENEFIT).

“I wish you could see yourself driving this car. Flying down the road. turning heads….”

Another way to use this persuasive language pattern is with an embedded command.


“I wish you could buy this guide today because it has all the information you need to start a successful business using other people’s money.”

This language pattern is a little bit tricky to work with in that you can easily presuppose failure with it. The best way to use it is to have your prospects imaging the benefits to create enthusiasm and anticipation.

As with most language patterns, you could use this one in print, on your website, in a podcast advert, or in a video.

2 comments on “How to Easily Create Anticipation in Your Customers

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