Plant Post Hypnotic Suggestions in Your Ads

by Lou

Has this every happened to you? Somebody comes to your website, surf away and not buy anything? Or you’ve tried to convince somebody to take your advice…and they didn’t take it? Or how about when you send an email that definitely needs a reply, and the recipient doesn’t reply?

Quite annoying, right? Well, today I’m going to show you a language pattern that will help eliminate that. We will take a typical example of your target’s daily behavior or thinking and link it to an outcome you want.

We’ll be using a mild form of post-hypnotic suggestion. (NOTE: Please use this pattern ethically.)

STEP ONE: What do you want your readers (or listeners) to do in the future? What’s the first step or two they would have to take? When you want someone to do something, it’s normally not just one thing, but a series of actions or thoughts. Bear in mind ecology and that the behavior (or thoughts or emotions) you want would be beneficial to your reader.

STEP TWO: What is something that they typically do every day or if not every day, quite often? Ideally, this should be something that would be somewhat related to what you want done. For example, read their emails, text messages, etc. when your outcome is to get them to reply. This isn’t entirely necessary, but it seems to create a better context.

STEP THREE: Use the first part of this following language pattern to link their behavior to your desired outcome.

The pattern goes like this:


For example,

Every time you check your inbox, you’ll want to reply to me.”

“Every time you are in bed ready to go to sleep you will get the feeling of wanting this widget more and more.”

“Every time you read a sentence in this newsletter, you start to feel more and more fascinated.”

“Every time you feel like a cigarette, you’ll reach for a piece of chewing gum instead.”

STEP FOUR: If you use the above language pattern, you’ll get some pretty good results, especially if they’re in a light trance. However, if you want to amp it up a bit, you need to give a reason why.

Reasons why are very powerful. People are often reluctant to do something unless you give them a reason why they should do it. In advertising copywriting, Reason-why copy usually results in a very good conversion rate.

The Frame:


You can embed the reason why by using words like “because”, “the reason is”, “that means”, etc.


“Every time you are in bed ready to go to sleep you will get the feeling of wanting this widget more and more because you realize how easier it will make your life.”

“Every time you receive this newsletter, you will be delighted and fascinated because every week it shows you patterns you can use to influence people, make more money, and gain more control.”

It’s a quite simple pattern, is it not? And yet you’ll find the power in it when you use it in your marketing materials, emails, text messages, podcasts, etc., etc. Plenty of uses.

There’s no need to bang your head against the wall trying to get people to take action, buy from you, change their behavior. There’s no need to cajole or threaten. With this simple pattern, you can achieve a lot. Of course tougher cases would need more work, but this pattern is a start.

You’ll think about this post all night and come up with some great post-hypnotic suggestions to use with your readers tomorrow.


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