Mind Reading Marketing

by Lou

In NLP’s Meta-Model, we have a violation called “Mind Reading”.

It’s where someone believes they know the thoughts, feelings, intentions or motivations, of another person or persons. Like these:

  • They must think I’m a fool.
  • You wouldn’t understand.
  • They hate me.
  • You know what I’m going through.
  • She should know how I feel.

As you can see, these are quite disempowering. We would use the Meta-Model to deconstruct these beliefs and to find out how the speaker came to these conclusions.

But interestingly enough, there is a Milton Model language pattern that uses mind reading for therapeutic benefit.

I know you’re wondering … (“I know you’re wondering what you will experience during this session.”)

When we use Erickson’s Mind Reading in our conversation, writing, and advertising we can create a sense of empathy to deepen rapport with our recipient. It becomes somewhat of a pacing statement. Some copywriters call this method “Psychic Influence” because we are telling our recipients how they feel or what they are thinking at the moment.

Here are some frames you can use:

  • I know you …
  • You’re probably thinking …
  • Presently you …
  • In the past you …
  • Remember when you…?

Some examples:

  • “I know you are going to love this.”
  • “You’re probably thinking that this isn’t going to work.”
  • “Presently you need help with mastering language patterns.”
  • “In the past you’ve had trouble communicating clearly with people and getting what you wanted.”
  • Remember when you first realized the power of NLP language patterns?”

The last pattern is useful in that it can invoke nostalgia, a powerful emotion in many people. “Remember when you were a kid and you finally discovered you could read?”

With this pattern you can make your recipient of your message feel empathy, rapport and understanding; bring on strong emotions (your message will be much more powerful if you make it more emotional); admit they have a problem (that you can solve). Use it with a mix of other language patterns to get your readers or listeners highly motivated.


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