Create Cravings with This Language Pattern for Sales

by Lou

How much more successful would you be if you were able to create a craving for your products, services, or ideas?

Sure, it’s quite easy to create a desire for your product. All you have to do is make a big promise, offer some more benefits, add some proof, and show how you are more unique or better than your competitors. That’s Marketing 101.

And these should be used to help get the craving going. It’s almost like an appetizer. But to really amp it up, we need to add a little NLP.

First, we have to “Chunk Up” the benefit(s) of your product (or service or idea). Say you’re selling a hypnosis product on how to lose weight…a very competitive market to say the least.

In NLP when we Chunk Up, we are going more abstract. To Chunk Up, we ask ourselves, “What is this an example of?” So, when I ask myself, “What is losing weight an example of?” my answers could be: “Being more attractive,” “Having greater self control,” “Being healthier and fit,” etc. Those are just my answers, you might come up with something different or better.

Here is the pattern you would then use:


For our weight loss product example:

How much more attractive, in control, and fit will you be when you can lose weight hypnotically…even while you’re sleeping?

From Rintu Basu’s book on persuasion:

What new opportunities open up to you when you can persuade others to do what you want easily and effortlessly…in any situation?

Typically, you should add this language pattern toward the end of your presentation or advertisement. But before your call-to-action.

Think about your offer. What is its major promise? Add that to your ad or presentation. What are all the benefits you can think of for this offer? Add them. How can you chunk up the major promise to make it more abstract and all-encompassing?

Put it in the language pattern and fool around with it until you’re happy with the results.

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