Truisms about Sensations

by Lou

I’m going to show you a powerful way to link emotions to outcomes so you can achieve your outcomes with the people you deal with.

It’s a sort of elegant way of pacing and leading with your words.

You can take certain–usually positive–universal emotional states and link them to what you want your readers/listeners to do.

Here’s the frame:

Most/Many/ (NUMBER) people feel (WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO FEEL) when they (WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO).


•  “Most people get excited when they study NLP language patterns.”

•  “Many people feel a great sense of relief after coming to ABC Resume Service.” (for a resume/CV writing company)

• “Many people feel a deep sense of contentment when they enter this house.” (for a real estate agent)

This language pattern also uses the powerful influence of Social Proof which states that most people look to see what others are doing and take their cue to behave in a certain way from what they know others are doing.

And of course you can convert the first part of this language pattern (the emotion) into an embedded command.

You can use types of people in the first part of this language pattern as well: “Thousands of marketers feel inspired when they use NLP in their advertising.


You can use the following collection of positive states to make up your own use of the Truisms of Sensation pattern suited for your audience.

Joy – Relief – Serenity – Interest – Connected – Fascinated – Inspired – Awe – Accepted – Brave – Fulfilled – Assertive – At ease – Understood – Strength – Sensational – Revitalized – Satisfied – Reassured – Powerful – Positive – Passionate – Motivated – Liberated – Independent – Honored – Grounded – Energized – Fortified – Free – Content – Pleased – Invincible – In control – Supported

There are plenty more emotional words in any thesaurus that would be a perfect fit for the people you are targeting.

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