Use the Outcome-of-the-Outcome Frame in Your Ads

by Lou

When we apply NLP in therapeutic interventions, and after we use a “technique” (Swish, Anchoring, etc.), we often add–as the last few steps–a Test and a Future Pace.

With a test, we bring back the triggering behavior or thought and see if what we did works. For example, if we are using the Visual Squash technique (where we combine two emotional states to mellow out a negative state brought on by some internal or external incident), we would test by bringing back the stimuli and see if we created change.

If that goes well, we then put our subject into the near future to see if he or she is affected by the stimuli anymore. That’s a future pace.

In sales, we tend to do the opposite by future pacing all the benefits the customer will receive and then test by asking for the order/payment.

We can make this future pace stronger by using the Outcome of the Outcome Frame. Simply put, we future pace the benefits of doing what we want or future pace the consequences of not doing what we want (or both)…. Then we AMP UP the benefits, consequences (or both) by future pacing what they will be like in several years time after they do (or don’t do)  what you say and how it will affect their ecology (their family, neighbors, colleagues, identity–depending on what context is the strongest).

So, think. How will their problem get worse (if they don’t do anything) or how will the benefits enhance their life over the years?

To use the Outcome of an Outcome, you can use these language patterns:

In the long run/term…

A year from now…

I wonder what will happen eventually if you (don’t) (DO WHAT I WANT)?

You are not just (BENEFIT), you are creating/crafting/investing in a (SOMETHING BIGGER).


(I’ll use an example of a resume/CV writing service’s ads.)

In the long run you’ll be working in a stress-free environment, doing challenging well-paying work you enjoy.”

Just think, a year from now you’ll have your own office, a large increase in salary, and greater peace of mind.”

I wonder what will happen eventually if you don’t get your resume updated now.”

You are not just creating a job for yourself; you are crafting a legacy.”

With this pattern, you push your target’s conscious far into the future AND THEN bring it back to the here-and-now to bear upon his or her decision to do what you want.

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