Alternative Assumption Technique

by Lou

Here’s a great pattern to be used at the end of a longer sales presentation (whether in a sales letter, video, or in person). You can start to close the sale by using this pattern:

“I guess I’ve (we’ve) covered just about everything. The only question that remains is how soon you’ll be enjoying (PROMISE/BIG BENEFIT OF PRODUCT OR SERVICE) that you want now?

That is an example of an “assumptive close” in sales. It automatically assumes the person is going to buy your product, service or idea.

After you say or write the above, you start to lead. You can tell your prospect to “click the button below” or “click on this link” or “take care of the paperwork,” etc. And remember that you can turn “click the button below,” “take care of the paperwork,” can be converted into embedded commands for a little extra strength.

Here are some other useful “hypnotic” closes you can use towards the end of your advertising or presentations:

  • As this (presentation/letter/article/report/video/web page) ends, think about the value of getting (BENEFIT).
  • As this (presentation/letter/article/report/video/web page) wraps up, picture (FUTURE PACE BENEFIT)
  • Now that you’re at the end of this (presentation/letter/article/report/video/web page)  you’re just minutes away from (POSITIVE EMOTION or BENEFIT)

I guess that about covers most of the most persuasive language pattern closes. They tend to pace the reader’s or listener’s reality and then lead them to imagine or feel a positive state.

(Photo by Brian Teutsch)

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