Awareness Patterns: Putting Ideas Into People’s Heads

by Lou

In this post, I’m going to show you how to use one of the most powerful language patterns in existence. Despite its potency, not too many advertisers (or NLP practitioners, for that matter) know about it. But others do…

Have you ever noticed how controversial media outlets (newspapers, TV news,  left or right wing websites, etc.) can use language to sway a very large group of people to their point of view? Would you like to know how you too can use the very same patterns?

One of the ways they do that is using awareness patterns that puts ideas into people’s minds that they probably weren’t even thinking about. Very potent.

Here are some frames you can use to increase awareness and start sowing idea seeds in somebody:


  • Have you noticed…?
  • Are you aware…?
  • Did you realize…?
  • Can you comprehend…?

After the frame, you put in what you want the target audience to think or believe.


  • “Have you noticed how people who use NLP language patterns are successful in all areas of their lives?”
  • “Are you aware of how high property values will go up in this neighborhood in the next few years?
  • “Did you realize that it’s more difficult to get a job without a professionally written resumé/CV than if you wrote one yourself?
  • “Can you comprehend the damage the So And So Party will do if they win the election?”

The great thing about these patterns is that it doesn’t matter if the target audience says or thinks “Yes” or “No”. The idea has been planting in their minds.

These awareness patterns can be used as “Proof” elements in your advertising copy. As you probably know, you will sell a lot more if you can prove your case. Normally, this has been done with testimonials, statistics, photos, etc. Using awareness patterns can help add proof to your offer.


Let’s imagine you were selling a peak performance ebook. And just for an example, say your product (or a part of your product) focused on breathing as part of the method of increasing performance. You might put something like this in your copy:

Have you ever noticed how Tiger Woods takes three deep breaths before a shot? There’s a reason for that...”

Okay, what’s it like when you think about using these awareness patterns in your life or business?


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