Creating Hypnotic Persuasion Scripts

by Lou

You can make your advertising, presentations, emails, conversations, and cold calling scripts more persuasive by stacking NLP language patterns together.

What we’re doing is a thought process—leading your targets through various mental states that would lead to your outcome.

Here are the steps needed to make your own hypnotic scripts. First, decide on your outcome; what do you want this person to do or experience? Then…

1. Ask a provocative question. This serves two purposes. One, it attracts your target’s attention, and two; it presupposes what could happen to your target.

2. Tell a brief story. This story would empathize with a problem your target is currently experiencing. As you probably know, Milton Erickson used stories all the time because they are so hypnotic…and very persuasive.

3. What is possible? Here is where you offer a solution for your target’s problem. You can use reframing here if necessary. This is a great place to use semantically charged words.

4. What is unique about you, your product, or your solution? Why should people use your solution rather than any other? Chunking up works well here.

5. Future pace. Now you get your target to imagine experiencing all the benefits you can offer. This is an excellent time to alter your target’s submodalities by making a brighter, more compelling future.

6. What do you want your target to do? This is where you get your target to take the action you want. Embedded commands, linguistic binds, and presuppositions work great here.

Here is an example from a fictional law office:

“Have you ever thought about being injured on the job and being fired for it? This is what happened to nurse Dayna Rogers. Back in 2012, she broke her back while on the job in a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.

“Problem is, nurses don’t have unions in Florida so she was fired for not being able to do her job. That’s when a friend recommended us, the Law Firm of Strom & Associates. We were able to help Dayna get compensation for her injury as well as get her a new nursing job when she recovered.

“We are the only law firm to not only get compensation for your injuries, but to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

“What’s it like when you think about getting the all the money you deserve for the problems you’ve experienced on your job? The sooner you contact Strom & Associates, the sooner you will have that big check in your hands.”

This is just one example and style of stacking language patterns to create a hypnotic script. You can stack as many NLP language patterns together as you need. Just don’t add too many one after another or it will just sound weird.


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